10 Ways to Stay a Player When Student Loans Leave You Broke
September 9, 2013

Even if you’re buried with student loans, you still want to have game with the opposite sex. Here’s our tips on how to stay a player despite your dire debt.

#1 Make It a Group Date So You Won’t Have to Foot the Bill!

Giant group dates are cheap

Image source: PopGoesMyCulture.com

When the check comes, toss in enough for just your food and head to the bathroom so your date has to pony up for her own food and drink.

#2 Try Internet Dating – Saves on Gas, Food and You Only Have to Put on a Shirt!

Try internet dating to save money

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Just be careful if you agree to meet them in person.

#3 Set Up a Coffee Date to Watch the Stars, Ships or Cows – Whatever You’ve Got!

Coffee dates seem romantic, not cheap

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Get a thermos and a blanket and find out how cheap looking like a hopeless romantic can be.

#4 Get Great Abs Then Meet Dates Where You Can Be Shirtless – They Won’t Care If You’re Broke!

Great abs can get you dates

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If you need help figuring this out, watch old episodes of Jersey Shore and channel the Situation.

#5 Look for Dirt Cheap Dinner and Date Deals on Groupon

Dinner date

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If you don’t want your date to know, sneak off to pay the check while your date is distracted or in the restroom.

#6 Suggest A Cheap Outdoorsy Date Like Fishing!

A fishing date is cheap

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It will make you look manly and will only cost you the price of bait.

#7 Set Up an At Home Spa Date and Swap Massages!

Swap massages for a cheap date

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For the cost of a couple of candles you’ll get to be hands on with your date. She’ll think sexy, you’ll think cha-ching.

#8 Host a Game Night for a Bunch of Friends and Include Your Would Be Lova!

Host a cheap game night with friends

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You can show you her how many cool friends you have, how much of a winner you are and still feed her and get her tipsy for free.

#9 Invite Her Over for a Marathon of Her Favorite Movie Series!

Movie marathon night

Image source: BrightestYoungThings.com

If you’re lucky, it will be Star Wars or Harry Potter. If you’re not, prepare for a mind numbing evening of Twilight. (PS Tell her you’re Team Edward)

#10 If Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Want to Get With You Because You’re Broke, Cut Her Loose! 

Ditch a girl who's all about the Benjamiins

Image source: BrightestYoungThings.com

After all, you’re in debt because you got your schooling on, so if she can’t respect that, find someone that will.


To get a better grip on your student loans try Tuition.io’s free student loan tool. You can track your loans and find the best repayment plan so you can take care of your loans and still have some money left over to look for love!