4 Tips To Save For Student Loans On Halloween
October 23, 2012

Let’s face it: Halloween is a young person’s holiday. And chances are if you’re young and educated you’ve got student debt. Of course, on non-holidays you’ve got to be a grownup about it and put some serious muscle into getting your debt managed and under control. On Halloween, though, your energy is probably more directed toward the child within. There’s so much potential fun on this excellently theatrical holiday: whether you’re spookifying yourself, your house or even planning to costume your car, there’s loads of creepy fun you won’t want to miss out on. Unfortunately the cost of parties, costumes and treats tends to add up, especially if you want to do it up right. Follow this Indebted Students’ Guide to Halloween and there will be nothing to stop you from having a killer All Hallows’ Eve.

1. Last Minute Deals On Pumpkins

Seriously, who needs pumpkins before Halloween? If you wait until Halloween Eve or even the day itself to go pumpkin shopping, all your festive fall veggie needs will be half price. And there’s nothing more fun and colorful than an array of pumpkins adorning your place.

2. Get Creative

Some of the best decorations are the ones you make yourself. Take this opportunity to try your hand at all manner of artistic endeavors. You can cut up and paint your recyclables in any number of ways; old pieces of cardboard, everything from cereal boxes to old moving boxes, can be cut to make signs or can be painted in any way you choose. You can also peel the labels off of aluminum cans and use them to hold tea candles; and if you’re really industrious you can cut shapes into the sides of the cans or paint them.

3. Make Your Own Costumes

Instead of coming in with a preconceived notion for your costume, try throwing open your closet doors and letting your wardrobe inspire you. Most of us have at least some clothes that already look like part of a costume without even having to alter them. Once you’ve got an idea you can really let your imagination run wild. Sheets can become capes; pants will turn magically into hats; and socks morph into paws. There’s no end to the costumes you’ll find when you start looking within the most ordinary household items with the intent to discover the extraordinary.

4. Cook Up Your Own Treats

There’s no reason to go to the store and buy a bunch of factory-made candy when you can make your own treats at home that will taste better, be better for you and end up costing you less. Candy or caramel apples are always good ones and surprisingly easy to make. Popcorn balls are also an inexpensive, healthy and easy Halloween treat. And for the cupcake lovers out there, these are a must-bake…okay, maybe they aren’t that healthy, but what the heck, it’s Halloween!