5 Amazing Apps to Keep Your Finances in Order
August 28, 2014

Keeping track of your money may sound like a major chore – do you picture yourself with a shoebox of receipts and a calculator pulling out your hair? It needn’t be like this at all. Thanks to tablets and smart phones and a plethora of free tools readily available, you can get a grip on your cash, set up budgets, pay your bills and get your finances under control without having to break out the adding machine and crunching numbers for hours. Check out five cool apps to help deal with your dough:


Apps can help with your finances
Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons User Michael Gil

#1 Splitwise

When you go out with friends for dinner and drinks, restaurants always want to fight you over splitting up checks. And if one of your buddies drinks or eats much more than everyone else, an even split isn’t fair. Plus there’s always that one friend that never seems to chip in quite enough. To clear this up without putting a dent in your social life, try this cool app. You can split the check and friends can pay their share via PayPal if they try to claim they left their wallet at home or have no cash on them. This also helps you split utility and grocery bills with roommates. They also offer a secondary app just for dining out and splitting the bill called Plates. Both apps are free.

#2 Level Money

If you don’t have a set budget, you may not know how much of your money you can really afford to spend. This is a good way to get into deep trouble. Level Money tells you how much of your money is spendable – i.e. what’s spare after all your obligations are paid. You give the app access to bank account and bill info and it divides it all up into budget categories for you – easy peasy. Clear and easy to comprehend graphs show you how much money you have to spend today, until your next payday and for the rest of the month. Lifehacker and other reviewers rave about this app as easy to use, informative and helpful for improving spending habits. The app is free.

#3 BillGuard

This tool does what most of us never take the time to do – goes through your credit card statements with a fine tooth comb to look for overcharges and errors. Some vendors try to sneak in recurring charges, extra fees and “gray” charges that aren’t authorized or that you may have meant to cancel and forgotten. Signed up for a Hulu trial you meant to cancel after you binged a season of your fave show? BillGuard‘s got your back. Order some makeup off Amazon only to find they pushed you into an auto fulfillment program? In addition to spotting trouble on your credit/debt card statements, it monitors your accounts for data breach and searches for coupons for routine purchases. It’s a free app!

#4 PayPal

If you don’t have a PayPal account these days, that’s almost like saying you don’t have a cell phone or a life… Increasingly, you can use PayPal to pay for online shopping or at restaurants. This is nice because it means you don’t have to hand over your credit or debit card information to a stranger or to a strange website. Data breaches are more common than ever and keeping your credit card info private is smart. Using PayPal makes this more possible. It also lets you pay friends on the fly, split bills, pay bills, donate to charitable organizations and conduct a whole host of other financial transactions for free while protecting your bank and credit card account info. App is free.

#5 Tuition.io

Not to toot our own horn, but we are a top rated app to help those dealing with student loans. We’re already helping borrowers manage more than $1.5 billion and have been highly rated by our users, Lifehacker, Forbers, Inc and a host of other sites. We help you manage all your student loans in one easy interface – both federal and private student loans. You’ll be able to visualize your debts, see the impact of making even modest additional payments, explore repayment options, contact your lenders and more. Our users are consistently saving money on their debt based on the power of the information we’re providing. Our app is completely free. Sign up here to get started.

After you sign up for our free tool to monitor your school debt, be sure to read our blog often for tons of tips on managing your money and dealing with student loan debt.