6 Ways To Save For Paying Off Student Loans In The New Year
January 1, 2013

What better way to bring in the New Year than with renewed determination to defeat your student debt? Often it’s not the prospect of dealing with debt that stops us from getting the most value out of a dollar, but simply a lack of new tactics with which to fight the battle. For a shot in the arm of new savings inspiration: check out this list of money saving ideas.

1. School Discount Cards

This is a great way not only to save money but also to support your community. Many schools offer school discount cards as part of their regular fundraising efforts. You can buy cards in the ten-dollar range and they are usable at any number of businesses around town.

2. Local Coupon Books

Your local Chinook Book offers great deals, as does Entertainment.com’s coupon book. These books contain hundreds of coupons for local businesses, everything from gardening supply stores to fitness classes to car repair services to your favorite organic market; there are also loads of coupons for local markets so you can stay stocked with healthy snacks; the amount of savings you’ll get with the coupons will far outweigh the cost of the book.

3. Find Deals On Eating Out

While eating in as much as possible is a great way to save, we all need to relax and have a night out every now and then. There are ways to eat out and still be frugal. Check your local paper for buy one, get one free meal deals. Also, a lot of local businesses offer discounts on their Facebook pages and to their Twitter followers. Another way to save is by sharing meals; restaurants often serve portions that are plenty enough for two.

4. Shop For Insurance Discounts

Do some price comparisons for your auto insurance; call your carrier and request that they match the lowest price you’ve found; if they won’t do it, simply switch carriers. For homeowners insurance too, many companies are willing to match the lowest price of their competitors in order to keep your business.

You can also get insurance discounts by bundling your insurance packages; by being a non-smoker; by making the honor roll; working from home; storing your car off the street; and taking a driver’s safety course.

5. Good Credit = More Money

A good credit score is another way to lower your insurance rates and it can save you money in other areas as well. For one thing, employers often check credit scores: good credit will make you more employable and more promotable.

6. Put Your Savings Toward Your Debt

Don’t forget: the money you’ve saved with these tips isn’t you’re vacation fund. Keep track of how much you’ve saved with these strategies and put it towards reducing your student loan principal.

For more help managing your student loans, don’t hesitate to get some expert help on how to optimize your student debt.