6 Ways to Use Your iPhone to Earn Extra Cash for Student Loans
November 1, 2013

If you’re not able to find full time work, are underemployed or just flat out not earning enough money to deal with your student loans, you may be looking for every opportunity to earn some extra cash. We wrote recently in Five Out of the Box Ideas to Pay Your Student Loans ASAP about some unique ways to earn some extra dough to put toward your loans. Today we offer you some more suggestions to get some more green to deal with your educational debt – by using your smart phone!

#1 Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go

Image source: SuccessSince1987.com

Surveys on the Go is a mobile market research tool that pays you for completing surveys. You can select categories you want to participate in, including business, entertainment, politics, sports, news, media and technology. You can download their app for your iPhone, iPad or Android smart phone. Surveys pay between 50¢ and $5 but most average $1. Once you reach $10 in earnings, you can transfer you balance to your PayPal account.

#2 AppRedeem

AppRedeem app for cash

Image source: Ocioenlared.com

AppRedeem has been around for several years and pays consistently. It’s also available for Android and iPhone devices and will send the cash to your PayPal account on request once you have earned as little as 15¢. The downside is that the opportunities don’t pay as much as they do on other programs, but they are also less involved. Typically you watch a trailer for an app which will earn you roughly 10 points. If you download the app, that gets you another 100 points and you can just immediately delete it. 150 point equates to 15¢.

#3 SwagBucks

Earn extra cash with swagbucks

Image source: SpecialOfferCentral.blogspot.com

SwagBucks has also been around for a number of years and can be used on your PC, laptop, iPhone, or Android device. There are a number of different ways to use it – use it as your search engine to earn swag bucks, take surveys, play certain games, watch videos, discover special codes (these can be found online easily) or vote in polls. Swag bucks equate to cash on a 100:1 conversion scale and can be deposited directly to PayPal in increments of $25. And if you shop online, if you start at their portal before you go to the site (such as Amazon) you’ll get three swag bucks to each $1 spent at most retailers.

#4 Field Agent

Field Agent can earn you money for student loans

Image source: AppHipMom.com

Field Agent is available only for the iPhone currently and pays you to carry out tasks assigned by companies. Some tasks include going into stores and confirming or checking prices or taking photos of store layouts. Most tasks require you to snap a pic to submit to prove you did the task. Tasks pay $1-$12 each and earnings can be transferred to your PayPal account. You can look for jobs closest to you and can even use it when you travel – it’s usable in the US, UK, Canada and other countries.

#5 GigWalk

GigWalk to earn cash

Image source: KatieLinenDoll.com

This app is available on both iPhone and Android and again pays cash direct to your PayPal account. In addition to getting cash for tasks, each task adds to your “street cred.” The higher your street cred, the more complex (and profitable) gigs you’ll be able to access. Some of the types of gigs you can try are Street Gigs (look for red-light cameras, roadblocks, etc.), Parking Lots Gigs (times open, size of lot, etc.), Convenience Store Gigs (to verify that they check IDs for alcohol purchases), Restaurant Gigs (check out menu and credit cards accepted) and Hotel Gigs (check out amenities). No purchase is required and gigs pay $3-$50.

#6 Viggle

Earn rewards with Viggle

Image source: The2ndScreen.tv

Viggle is particularly cool because it pays you to watch TV – something you likely spend too much time doing anyway! While watching TV you click the app and it listens to the show to determine what you’re watching and rewards points. You get 1 point per minute of TV watched. You can also earn more points by engaging in real-time trivia related to what you’re watching. (Viggle doesn’t pay cash but does earn you merch and other cool stuff, but is so simple to use, we just had to include it!)

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