8 Tips When Job Hunting and in Student Loan Debt
September 2, 2013

Just out of college and saddled with five figures of student loan debt? That’s bad enough but now that you’re job hunting, you’ve got to put your best foot forward but how can you do it when you’re on the last few weeks of your grace period and are broke and desperate?

#1 If You Can’t Afford a Decent Car Because of Your Student Loan Debt – – –

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Be sure to park it out of sight of where you’re interviewing so they won’t see your busted ride!


#2 If You Can’t Afford a Nice Outfit to Interview In, Consider a Thrift Shop – – –

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Just be sure your suit isn’t so out of style that it’s frightening!


#3 If You Can’t Afford a Proper Haircut Because of Your Student Loan Debt – – –

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Don’t pull a DIY –  – try Supercuts or a stylin’ hat instead!


#4 If You Can’t Afford an iPhone or a Galaxy S4 – – –

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Keep your giant device hidden or leave it in your equally ancient car so it doesn’t embarrass you!


#5 If You Can Only Afford to Eat Ramen Because of Your Student Loan Debt – – –

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That’s no excuse to shovel in food at a lunch interview like a glutton!


#6 If You Can’t Afford the Entry Fee to Networking Events – – –

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Consider crashing through a side door or tag along as a buddy’s plus one to schmooze for a job!


#7 If You Can’t Afford a Professional to Write Your Resume Because of Your Student Loan Debt – – –

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Get a Dummy book from the library and try to work some magic on your CV!


#8 If You Can’t Afford a Social Life While You’re Jobless and Job Searching – – –

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Do NOT spend your time making YouTube videos – this can cost you a job and a trip to the ER!


If you’re job searching, broke and suffering because of student loans, don’t let it get you down! Stick with it and eventually someone will have mercy on you (begging never hurts).

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In the meantime, sign up for Tuition.io’s free student loan management tool to keep up to date on your loans and optimize them for payoff. Also check in with our blog frequently for tips and strategies on dealing with your debt!