A Cinematic Salute to Student Loans
August 19, 2013

If you’re a cinephile, you may track the important moments of your life with movies that speak to you. Your student loan saga can also be told in movies that you love. Here is a cinematic salute to surviving student loans and moving on with your life!

When You’re in High School Your Mind Is on the Here and Now

At 16, you do what you want to do. Student loans aren’t even in your vocabulary, much less on your radar. Gosh!

And Once You’re in College, the Temptation to Party Is Distracting

At 18-21 student loans don’t seem real – you’re just thinking about that next toga party!

After Graduation, for a While, You Feel Like the World Is Your Oyster

As a newly minted graduate, you think you can have everything you want. 

When Your Grace Period Ends, Student Loan Debt Collectors Start Calling!

You may start to feel less than smart about taking out all those student loans…

You Finally Get That First Post-College Job, But It’s Less Than Glamorous

You’re barely making ends meet, your student loans are suffering and so are you.

You’re Increasingly Frustrated with Your Job, Your Life and Your Loans!

At this tipping point in life, you find that maybe dealing with a dead end job to service student loans isn’t the answer.

Maybe What You Need Is a Reboot – Ditch the Job and Move Back Home

Just make sure that a few weeks of mooching off the folks and soul searching doesn’t turn into a few years of sleeping in your old single bed under your Star Wars sheets…

Meanwhile Your Student Loans Are Piling Up and Debt Collectors Get Pushy

Perhaps their aggro tactics come from a “Coffee is for closers” mentality…

While Avoiding Life, You May Begin to Wonder If Any of This Is Real

As much as you wish it is, it’s not the Matrix – it is real life and there’s no dodging student loans forever!

Student Loan Debt Collectors Will Continue to Plague You 

 You may start to feel like you’re better off dead – when the calls don’t stop even though you’re jobless and living with your Mom.

Unless World War Z Breaks Out, Student Loans Are Inevitable

  Maybe the zombies are all fleeing from their student loans too…

 So You Suck It Up and Find a Job. Any Job. And You Make a Plan!

You’ve got the rest of your life to figure out your dream job. For now you need to get your student loans rehabbed so you can feel better about life.

For a While It May Feel Like You’re Trapped in Groundhog Day

You wake up, you work, you pay student loans. You wake up, you work, you pay student loans. Lather, rinse, repeat…

And Then One Day Your Student Loan Battle Will Be Over!

And you’ll finally have your financial freedom! Hopefully without the dire consequences William Wallace suffered in Braveheart…

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