Binksty is now
July 13, 2012

We’ve got some news! Binksty is now We’ve changed the name for a couple reasons which are outlined below, but what’s important is that we’ll be offering a new and improved service to all of our old customers and the new ones moving forward. 

We originally went with Binksty because our service is a financial comfort tool — kinda like a child’s binky. Not bad, right? Well, it turns out that binksty was incredibly hard to spell and/or say for people not living it everyday. So, in the hopes of helping as many borrowers as possible, we’ve changed the name. works because it’s a pun — if you think about it, student loans are essentially tuition that you owe from when you went to school. It also rolls off the tongue well and represents the innovative atmosphere of the ever-changing internet by taking advantage of the io domain (io – or Indian Ocean).

As far as the service, we’re really excited to be expanding our product offerings. We spent a lot of time thinking about what is truly helpful for borrowers and found that while information on your loans is paramount, taking action is always best. To this end, we’ll be rolling out new functionality that not only gives you a deeper view into your student loan portfolio, but also allows you to get optimized for your unique situation. More on this coming soon.

We’ll be migrating users to the new site shortly. Meanwhile, you’ll find that our social media presence has already gone so feel free to share the news.

Thanks to all of our loyal and excited customers. We can be stronger together moving forward.

-Brendon McQueen (CEO/Founder)