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Studies have shown that offering student loan repayment contributions can help you keep your employees longer, reducing the high cost of turnover at your company.

More Advantages of a Student Loan Repayment Plan

Improve Recruitment

85% of college educated millennials would accept a job offer when student loan repayment is included.

Encourage Diversity

College-educated women and minorities value student loan repayment benefits 18x more than 401k and 23x more than health insurance contributions.

Increase Profit and Productivity

Engaged workforces out perform less engaged companies by 22% in profitablity and 21% in productivity.

All plans include Student Loan Wellness

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Tuition.io user survey results prove we offer a valuable and much-needed benefit.

98% said this benefit will make a significant impact on reducing their student loan debt.
100% said they had an overall positive experience with Tuition.io.
90% said this benefit will factor into their decision to stay at the company.
96% said Tuition.io is one of their most valuable benefits.
*Tuition.io Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

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