Enter to Win $500 in Our “Night of the Living Debt” Contest
October 11, 2013

Few things are scarier than dealing with your student loans. Even now at the spookiest time of year, a homicidal clown or creepy orphan hiding under the floorboards of an old cabin can’t compete with rising interest rates and five digit loan balances. At Tuition.io, we can’t do anything about getting the boogie man out of your closet, but we can take a month or two of student loan anxiety out of your life. Starting today and running through Halloween, we are launching a Night of the Living Debt contest where you can win $500 toward your student loan payments!

Contest Info

Here’s what you need to know about Night of the Living Debt and how you can win 500 smackers to put toward your educational debt! Share the scariest thing about your student loans on Twitter and/or Facebook. Be sure to include @TuitionIO and #TheLivingDebt in your tweet. You can also share the post directly from our Facebook page – don’t forget to include the “Scariest thing about your student loans” and use the hashtag #TheLivingDebt. And if you don’t already have a free student loan account with Tuition.io, you’ll need to sign up there as well and add your loans so we can help you optimize your student debt! We will announce the winner on Halloween on our social media channels! Share your student loan scare today!

What’s Your Student Loan Scary Story?

We hear all sorts of student loan horror stories here at Tuition.io – whether it’s high payments or astronomical balances and no job – educational debt can be truly horrifying. Feel free to share something funny, something outrageous or something genuinely terrifying about your student loan saga. Here are some of the things we find scary about student loans… 

High interest rates!

 Late fees!

Capitalized interest! 

Student loan debt collectors! 

What scares you about your student loans? 

Sign up for your free account at Tuition.io and add your loans so you can optimize your debt and get personalized advice on dealing with your student loans. Share your scare on twitter: @TuitionIO using the hashtag #TheLivingDebt or on facebook to enter to win $500 toward your student loans. And be sure to like Tuition.io on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see all the student loan horror stories and watch for the winning announcement!