Financial Help For Students From This Unexpected Source
October 30, 2012

You know the feeling. When you’ve been staring at a screen for hours on end, dodging in and out of websites, scanning though massive amounts of data, trying to locate one or two pieces of information that are buried somewhere in the virtual fine print. Sometimes it gets to the point where you have to take a break and order some nutritional eye formula just to give yourself the morale to hunker down and keep squinting at that screen and plugging away. That is just how complicated figuring out how to manage your student loans can be. Unless you’re a financial whiz it can really be a nightmare. Luckily there is no need to go it alone and every advantage to be had by getting some help from the student loan experts. Recently some of that oh-so-helpful expert advice comes from a very unexpected source.

Speaking of financial wizardry, Danny Singh began honing his gift at age 11. At that time, his mother got in over her head with credit trouble and turned to her financially talented son for assistance. Post haste, the young Mr. Singh was able obtain perfect credit for his mother, as well as refinance her house and car, correct banking errors to her advantage and identify the actions of fraudulent companies who sought (unsuccessfully, thanks to Danny) to steal from her.

Today Danny Singh is 19 years old and is working on his Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Management from Seminole State College of Florida. Oh yeah, and he’s written a book. His book, Finance 101: The Whiz Kid’s Perfect Credit Guide, is in line with the pervasive trend in Danny’s life: helping others. He may have started with his mom, but he works very hard at Seminole State to raise awareness among his classmates of the dangers of student debt. Many have suggested that financial education has the potential to be a huge help in ending the student debt crisis; unfortunately, it’s also an area that that is seldom part of school curriculua. Danny, though self-taught, is bent on sharing his knowledge with his classmates; he teaches seminars in which he outlines the most effective ways for students to battle the inflation of college tuition by paying off their student loans and other debts. This information is of course, also available in his book.

Danny Singh is just one of a myriad great resources that students can turn to for help navigating their finances. One of the benefits of the breadth of media exposure, the growing awareness of the student debt crisis and even the ubiquity of the crisis itself amongst college grads is that student aid organizations are taking root in an ongoing effort to combat it. So take a breath, drop your shoulders, relax your squint and get some help from the experts.