How to Retrieve Your Loan Data from Nelnet
September 26, 2013

To get the most out of your experience with, you should either link your private student loan accounts or upload your data. To have us link to your Nelnet accounts, you will need to provide your login credentials for your loan servicer. If you have private student loans with Nelnet and don’t remember your user ID or password or haven’t yet registered for online access with Nelnet, these steps can help you retrieve or set up your information and link your loans today!

Retrieving Nelnet loan data

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Visit the Nelnet Website

Visit the Nelnet website and choose Forget Username, Trouble Logging In or Create an Account.

Nelnet loan access

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If you forgot your username

Follow the Forgot Username link to the next page and enter your social security number, date of birth and email address. Click Request Username to retrieve your info. You may have to answer a security question. If so, enter the correct answer and click Continue.

Nelnet loan data

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If you forgot your password

To retrieve your password, from Nelnet’s home page enter your User Name and click Log In. On the next page, click Forgot Password. You’ll be asked to enter some additional information to confirm your identification and then you will be asked to enter a new password, confirm it and click Continue.

Retrieving Nelnet loan data

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If you need to register for online access

Click Create an Account. Enter your social security number and date of birth. Create a user name and password and then re-type your password. Click Continue. You will be asked to provide some additional information to ensure the security of your account. Once this is complete, you will be registered and will have the credentials you need!

Once you’ve retrieved the information you need or you’ve set up your account, go back to and link your private loans!

If you have additional questions about setting up your account with, check out our FAQ page or send an email to