Thankful And Helpful: Army Nurse Shares Student Aid Help
November 16, 2012

There’s no doubt about it, life is a constant challenge, but despite the troubles that seem to come with each day, we all have so much to be thankful for. It’s easy to forget that fact when we’re caught up in our daily lives, focused on getting things done and running interference for any problems that do come up. So when Thanksgiving rolls around we have a valuable opportunity to take some time just for gratitude;  instead of catastrophizing our troubles, it’s a time to relax amongst family and friends, appreciating the great bounty that’s present in each of our lives.

There are also great ways to be proactive when celebrating and giving thanks. Some might find it rejuvenating to let go of the focus on “stuff” we so often have by skipping Black Friday and spending time with loved ones instead. We can also find inspiration in those around us who have chosen to make giving a big part of their lives. One such giver, after years of struggle with her own private student loans, decided to share her knowledge with others facing the same problems.

Her name is Elizabeth Mundo and she is a U.S. Army nurse. She didn’t plan on joining the army, that is until she graduated nursing school with $210,000 worth of student debt and little hope of finding a job. The army offered her the ability to defer all of her federal student loans for as long as she remained in the service. Unfortunately this still left her with $120,000 of private student loans.

Despite months of hard work on trying to get her private loans deferred through Sallie Mae, the company remained unresponsive and her student debt continued to mount at a monstrous 9% interest rate. This is just one example of the massive loan servicing problems for service members. Refusing to be discouraged, Mundo kept at it and eventually discovered that, thanks to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), not only was she entitled to deferment, but a lower interest rate as well.

Mundo couldn’t believe that such excellent benefits were available to her through SCRA and that she’d known nothing about it. Well aware that she’s far from alone in battling the burden of student loans, she’s dedicated to sharing her knowledge with other service members who are facing the same or similar problems and would benefit from her experience. Now Mundo is able to assist with healing others both in and out of the hospital.

Elizabeth Mundo’s is a heartening story and she is not alone in her dedication to assisting borrowers in their struggle with student loans. There are also student aid organizations that understand what a relief it is have a manageable student debt plan. It all starts with getting your debt optimized to best benefit you.