The Onboarding Checklist
September 26, 2013

To get the most out of, you’ll want to import and link your loans to the site. That way you can visualize, track, and manage all your student loan information in one place. After you link your loans, we refresh the accounts every 1 to 3 days so we can show you the most up to date information on your accounts. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to make this process as simple as possible. 

#1 Federal PIN

“What is my PIN? Where do I find it?” are some of the most popular questions we get. Back when you applied for federal loans, you were required to apply for a federal PIN. It is a 4 digit number and you may have been given one or chosen one yourself. Hop over to this post to get a step-by step walk through to get your Federal PIN.

#2 Social Security Number

We absolutely do not store your social security number. We use your number to retrieve your information from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), which has loan information for every student or graduate with federal loans. If you are not comfortable with proving your social security number, you can also download a text file from NSLDS and upload it to Read this postfor a walk through on getting a text file of your loans from NSLDS.

#3 Username  and Password for your Servicer

In order to link your loans, you’ll need to provide your login credentials for your servicer’s website (and potentially other personal information such as date of birth and your social security number). does not store your login credentials. Because we refresh your account information regularly, we use a third-party provider that uses bank-level encryption to store these credentials. Furthermore, we are provided only the ability to “see” your account information. We cannot make any changes, transfers, or other actions to your account.

If you do not know your username and password, or have not registered yet with your servicer, the below guides can take you through getting this information for the most popular servicers.

• Sallie Mae


• Nelnet

• Great Lakes


• Wells Fargo

• Mohela

• Discover

• Citibank