Top Resources for Student Loan Borrowers
June 3, 2013

If you’re dealing with student loan debt, you can use all the help you can get. We encourage you to follow on Twitter and like us on Facebook to see the latest on our news feed. As well, there are many other great resources that we recommend you check out for advice and information on personal finance, budgeting, student loan payment strategies, financial and repayment calculators and a host of other services and features.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite sites we recommend you check out:

Frugal Dad Billed as offering “Common Sense for College,” this six year old site is run by Jason White, an Atlanta dad who worked in the credit industry and has dealt with plenty of debt of his own. What’s nice about FrugalDad is that he’s not an accountant or finance expert, but a normal human who has found common sense ways of dealing with debt and shares his experiences. In addition to articles on student loans, he offers tips on teaching your kids financial literacy, strategies for saving for college, scholarships and more!

Nerd Wallet These nerds are on “a mission to save you money” and they seem to be on the right track. Founder Tim Chen has assembled a team of fellow nerds to offer top-rated advice on finance, banking, credit cards, investing, travel, coupons and (our fave…) education! In addition to blogs on student loans, they offer a loan calculator that we think far surpasses the one on because you can put in several loans at once and calculate repayments and also see how a consolidation would affect your debt. Plus they always have cool infographics, and who doesn’t love that?

Empowered Dollar Stephanie Halligan’s blog is a great resource because as a 20-something less than a decade out of college, she has recently dealt with (and conquered) her own student loan debt and offers on the ground, actionable strategies that will be relevant for many younger debtors just starting their careers and adult lives. Check out her practical advice on surviving on minimum wage and dealing with debt (student loan and otherwise). Halligan’s advice is as witty as it is wise – check it out!

NCLC’s Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project The National Consumer Law Center’s student loan project is focused on those already in student loan debt who need advice and resources. NCLC’s student loan blog updates a couple of times per month and they’ve got some great features like the self-help packets for those struggling to make their monthly loan payments and rich information on your rights when dealing with student loan collection agencies, bankruptcy and educational debt, default, delinquency and more. If you’re underwater (or treading it) and are looking for solution, NCLC is a great place to start!

Federal Student Aid Office As an office of the US Department of Education, this government resource offers lots of tips on prepping for college, financial aid and help with your FAFSA. The section we frequent, though, is on repayment of loans. They offer information on loan services, repayment plans, deferment, forgiveness and discharge. This is a great resource for official links to policies, but there’s no blog and no opinions or advice which can often be valuable if you’re not sure what’s best for you. So bookmark this one as your “official guide” to student loans, but look elsewhere for tips and strategies on dealing with debt!

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau One of the best features of CFPB’s site is that it offers you advice for those just applying for college, throughout the borrowing phase while in school and takes you through graduation and into adulthood and dealing with your student loan debt. It’s a comprehensive financial-pedia! There are links to gather all of your debt information for repayment as well as a blog on student loans and advocacy efforts to try and make student loans more manageable. And if you’ve had problems with your lender not dealing with you fairly, you can file an official complaint to hold them accountable for their actions!

National Student Loan Data System This is the official portal to access all of your Department of Education student loans. Once you set up your login, you can access all of your public student loans. Frankly, it’s not a very robust site and we mention it only in passing, because it is the “official” gateway to get student loan information. But what we recommend instead is that you use our app –’s free award-winning student loan tool – because you can get all of your public student loan information using our app plus any private student loans you may have.

This allows you to view ALL of your student debt in one easy interface, view repayment plans, consider consolidations and contact your lenders. Our users trust us to give them the information they need. You can also enjoy our blog, updated daily on student loan issues including affordability, repayment plans, important legislation and tips for managing your debt! Check out some of our recent blogs below:

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