The Hot, New Company Benefit: Student Debt Repayment
December 8, 2015 was recently featured in an article that ran in Bloomberg entitled The Hot, New Company Benefit: Student Debt Repayment.” The article discusses how more and more companies are helping employees “chip away at student loans” as a means to “attract debt-saddled millennials.

Although few companies offer student debt assistance, it ranks high among coveted perks, especially for millennials, who make up one in three American workers—a share that’s expected to grow to almost half by 2020. A recent survey by Iontuition, a student loan management platform, found that 80 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed wanted to work for a company that offers student loan repayment assistance. Paying off debt has more immediate benefits than, say, taking advantage of a company’s 401k plan. “Employees love this benefit,” said Brendon McQueen, the founder and chief executive of, a payment platform that works with employers. “They already understand the pain of student loans. You don’t have to educate them on what a 529 is. People already get it. They’re like, ‘Where do I sign up?'”

You can read the article in its entirety here.