This LA Startup Has Crafted the Perfect Perk for Your Millennial Employees
March 9, 2016 featured in Built in LA

CEO Brendon McQueen discussed how is helping companies attract and retain top talent with Built in LA.

Recently Built in LA writer Patrick Hechinger interviewed’s CEO Brendon McQueen regarind the impact student loan debt is having on millennials:
The best perks are the kind that can be universally enjoyed. And as the number of young people suffering from student debt grows, it makes sense companies would find a way to help alleviate that stress,” he wrote.
In the article, Brendon discusses how is helping global companies attract and retain top talent by offering a benefit that employees really need.
If you think about millennials as a whole, over 70 percent of them have loans. So if you’re looking to offer your employees a benefit that is relevant, you’re able to offer a huge group of people a solution to a pain point that is very close to their every day,” Brendon said.
You can read the article in its entirety here.