Featured in Forbes 12 Companies Transforming Their Industries
August 26, 2013


Advances in technology have had a dramatic impact on virtually every field, from marketing to insurance and everything in between. While there are thousands upon thousands of innovative companies, a smaller group of standout ones are impactingtheir respective industries in remarkable ways. Below is a list of 12 companies doing just that:


Unbounce takes the hassle out of creating and testing landing pages. There’s a selection of landing page templates to choose from as well as the option to create one’s own landing page. Unbounce makes launching a landing page simple and also provides the tools needed to effectively A/B test pages.Unbounce has raised $850,000 in funding.

2)a la mode

A la mode’s desktop, web and mobile products are used by hundreds of thousands of appraisers, salespeople, inspectors, and lending professionals to power more than 50 percent of all residential real estate transactions in the U.S. each year. Recently, the company has been developing a number of robust mobile apps for everything from analytics to lead tracking. With approximately 200 employees, this software industry titan is continuing to impress even the technologically savviest real estate professionals.


ONEHOPE Wine aims to make a positive social impact by donating half of all profits generated from every bottle of wine sold to philanthropic causes focused on breast cancer, AIDS prevention, Autism research, childhood hunger and others. Inspired by a desire to help a friend with cancer, the idea has since grown into an extensive organization which leverages business for social good. Since it launched in 2007, the organization has raised over $1 million for various nonprofit organizations.

4) AngelList

AngelList is a community which connects entrepreneurs and investors and lays the ground for potential funding opportunities. Founded in 2010,AngelList has already featured more than 18,000 investors, including super angels and VCs, as well as more than 100,000 startups of which 3,000 have received funding through the site. It’s estimated that this community’s efforts have generated monthly investment exceeding $10 million.

5) offers an effective way to manage student loans and provides the tools students need to get a better handle on their finances. Students are able to clearly see and keep track of their debt with’s debt visualization charts. also helps students pay off their debt in the best way possible by taking into account a student’s unique lifestyle and financial situation. The company recently raised $1 million in funding.

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