Why You Should Throw A Student Loan Payoff Party
January 10, 2013

Looking for some inspiration to reinvigorate your battle against student loans? It’s understandable; dealing with the stress of the daily grind leaves the best of us burnt out at one time or another. The best thing you can do for yourself when apathy hits is to create some incentive. It’s the same reason that expert executive coaches recommend a vacation when the workplace blues set in: giving yourself something to look forward to will ease your mind of strain and reenergize you. In the case of student loans, what could be a better motivator than throwing a giant party with all your friends in celebration of your success?

Reasons To Celebrate

One of the best ways borrowers have found to make a big dent in their student debt quickly is by practicing extreme frugality. Once you’ve finally achieved your goal, what better way to celebrate than with a little much earned splurging? Some payoff-partiers have even found ways to celebrate their newfound life of plenty with a little altruism: one newly freed borrower turned her party into a charity fundraiser. She did the math and discovered that she was paying $2,200 every month in order to get out of debt. She figured that amount would cover a couple of hours worth of drinks for about seventy people. So for two hours drinks were on her in exchange for a $20 donation per guest to YoungLives Harlem.

Wallet Friendly Ways To Party

Some borrowers, Joe Mihalic for one, author of No More Harvard Debt, are so completely broke by the time they’ve managed to pay off their last student loan that they just can’t afford a hard earned celebration. Don’t let that stop you! You’ve gotta fight for your right to party! After all, the Beastie Boys did and they turned out all right.

The best way to throw a party for cheap is to make your backyard the venue, or maybe even a local park. As for supplies? Have your bash potluck style. The point isn’t how fancy you can make your party; it’s to get all of your friends and loved ones in one place to share in celebrating this momentous turning point in your adult life.

For more ideas on how to make your party unforgettable in any price range, check out Pinterest’s The Original Student Loan Payoff Party board. It’s got everything from treats in the image of graduation caps (made out of mini peanut butter cups, chocolate covered graham crackers and licorice) to money mints party favors to cool home designed “in the black” invitations.

If you’re still in the party planning stages and in need of help managing your student loans to propel you into the party actualization stage, don’t hesitate to contact the student loan experts to get your debt optimized.