You Can Mix Student Loans and Love – 7 Ways to Do Valentine’s Day on a Dime
February 10, 2014

If you’re lucky enough to have love in your life (or at least a really intense feeling of like), but unlucky enough to also have student loans, you may be stressing over the big romantic holiday this week. Friday is Valentine’s Day and if you’re a guy, you are seriously under the gun to offer some romance to your lady love. If student loans are eating up a ton of your disposable income, you may be wondering how you can survive this holiday without fouling up your finances.

Here are seven ways to do Valentine’s Day on a dime…

#1 Opt for a break up and make up

Okay – this suggestion is pretty cynical, but if your relationship is already on the rocks or you don’t think it’s going to work out in the long term, why not save yourself a bundle of cash and go ahead and make the split permanent this week before the requisite gift giving holiday rolls around? If you rue the end of your romance later, you can always get back together over the weekend (when flower prices drop and chocolates are on clearance)…

Funny Valentine's Day hearts

How to be cheap without dysfunction on Valentine’s Day
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#2 Picnic with a chick flick

Consider staying in for V-Day this year and indulge your GF in all the stuff she loves so long as it’s cheap. Order or make low cost fave foods – spaghetti is practically free to make. Grab a cheap bottle of wine (Two-Buck Chuck anyone?), one single rose and indulge in a chick flick film fest. If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can do a Twilight marathon (your library likely has most of these), but if you want to watch a decent one that bros can deal with too, try out Love Actually (available now on Netflix).

Not the chick flick your girlfriend had in mind

Enjoy a chick flick for Valentine’s Day
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#3 Piggy-back on your parents

Has your lady been bugging you to meet your folks (or you to meet hers)? Agree to meet them for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Most parents will pick up the check, so you can kill two birds with one frugal stone. You’ll seem uber-committed without bankrupting your bank account. And if it’s your folks you go out with, you can openly plead poverty and they’ll hopefully be understanding. If you’ve got really good parents, they may even spring for a movie with popcorn.

Could this be your baby?

Imagine what your babies might look like
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#4 Dig into the past – and your future

Borrow old home videos and photos from your GF’s parents and yours and spend the evening comparing how cute you two were when you were babies. If you’re really into her and are planning on making the relationship permanent, you can even Photoshop some combined photos to see what beautiful babies you’ll make together someday (or use Pair this with your favorite pizza and a bottle of vino and you’ve got a night to remember for next to no money.

Consider a beach picnic for your loved one on Valentine's

Romance at the beach is zombie-free fun
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#5 Get some sand in your craw

If you live in the commuting area of a beach, load up an old blanket and a stash of candles and head to the sandy shores. You can have dinner at home before you go or grab drive thru and eat at the beach. Stare at the stars, light the candles (maybe even a bonfire) and cuddle to the sounds of the waves crashing. Break out your Beats Pill and play some Lorde or John Mayer (or whatever smooth sounds that trip your GF’s trigger) and you’ll be gold.

Valentine's Day scavenger hunts can be romantic (and cheap)

Why not consider a scavenger hunt?
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#6 Scavenge up some fun

Lead your babe on an after-work scavenger hunt to places that have meaning to your relationship. End up with her coming back to your place where you’ve got candles, soft music and chocolates on the roof, patio or balcony. Dance her around and feed her some sweets – she’ll probably be starving after you send her all over town… Finish up with a romatic bubble bath and a massage (for her) and you can’t be accused of skimping on romance.

Doing laundry for Valentine's Day is an amazing gift

Doing chores is an awesome way to show love
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#7 Service with a smile

You know all that stuff you get nagged about all the time? Take the day off Friday and catch up on all of it. Wash her laundry, clean the bathroom, fluff the sofa pillows, vacuum, wash the dog – do ALL of the chores she usually gets stuck with because you shirk. Cap it off with a simple homemade dinner that won’t trash the freshly cleaned kitchen. Think grilled chicken caesar or a frozen lasagna. Let her control the remote for the evening while you do the dishes!

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