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Tuition.io was founded to help address the growing burden of student loan debt. More than 44 million borrowers hold nearly $1.7 trillion in student loan debt and that number continues to increase.

Education assistance benefits are a powerful way to attract and retain talent, support diversity and inclusion goals, and improve the overall financial wellbeing of your workforce. Tuition.io helps employers design and administer benefits for employees at all stages of higher education.


Tuition.io is the only comprehensive, modular suite of education assistance benefits in a single platform solution

Student Loan Financial Wellness
Help employees find the best way to repay their student loans through tools and trained coaches
Student Loan Repayment Assistance
Retain your best talent by providing student loan repayment assistance to ease an immediate financial concern
Secure 2.0 Retirement Match
Enable retirement plan participation to employees burdened with student loans
Tuition Assistance
Support employees' continuing education while streamlining benefit administration.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Support
Ensure employees get the loan forgiveness they’re counting on.
Real People to Talk to
Speak with an expert who can answer your questions.


Education assistance benefits matter to employees and employers


Attract the best talent with an in-demand benefits package. 59% of young workers say that paying off their student loans is a higher priority than saving for retirement.


Our partners typically see reductions in employee turnover of 20-50% for employees receiving a student loan contribution.

Tax Benefits

Qualified employer contributions of up to $5250 annually, including scholarships and tuition assistance, are exempt from federal taxes.

Life Goals

Student loan borrowers experience significant delays in saving for retirement or emergencies, further delaying home ownership or family planning.

Diversity & Inclusion

The burden of student loan debt sits disproportionately with BIPOC communities and women. We can help you design an inclusive benefits program tailored to your population.
Women hold 66% ($929 billion) of all student loan debt.
Black students borrowed student loans to pay for their bachelors degree vs 69% of white students
Changes in Student Debt Over Time
At Graduation
12 years later
Tuition.io works directly with employers and benefit providers. We can also work with employers and their benefit advisors.
Platform Metrics

Platform Metrics

The average tuition.io user pays more than $300/ month toward their student loans
$100 million
Our partners have contributed more than $100 million to help repay their employees’ student loans
$150 million
Employer contributions have saved employees more than $150 million
45,000 years
Employer contributions have saved over 45,000 years of student loan repayment


Student Loan Repayment Assistance Benefits drive meaningful time and interest savings

Let’s estimate your contribution costs and employee savings

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See what our partners and their employees are saying

“Tuition.io has been an excellent experience. Getting set up was very easy and the payments are made to my loans on time. Knowing that I will be out of student loan debt significantly faster than originally planned has been a huge relief.”

“We absolutely love Tuition.io...from their product simplicity to their team's tireless pursuit of excellent customer service. Across our multiple business lines, we have found that student loan debt is crippling our employees at every level.”

“This program has provided a peace of mind knowing that in these tough financial times there is one less burden I have to worry about.”

“Offering the College Loan Reduction Plan has had a meaningful impact on our employee engagement over the last four years. During the onboarding process it’s our most asked about benefit and for our existing employees, it’s something we know they look for.”

“It’s nice to work for a company who supports furthering your education. With the Student Loan Repayment Program offered through my employer, I will pay off my loans in half the time.”

“I’m very thankful for the additional support being provided by International Paper as well as how easy it is to work with Tuition.io. This program is definitely helping me to pay off my student loans which is saving me interest and freeing up cash to be applied toward savings.”