About Us
Lowering the costs of higher education

Our Mission at Tuition.io is to help every employee and their family members to successfully navigate the ever increasing costs of higher education and the resulting student loan debt.


We believe empowered & informed individuals will successfully lower the costs of higher education, optimize student loan repayment, and accomplish loan forgiveness, so they are free to pursue their life goals.

What drives us

We wake up every day determined to help as many individuals as possible get to a much better place financially. We realize each individual’s (and their family’s) financial situation is unique and maintain that it’s our responsibility to understand those differences and provide the best possible insights and guidance.


Scott Thompson


Scott Thompson is an accomplished technology executive with over thirty years of experience with companies in all stages of growth. Scott has served as CEO of Tuition.io since October 2016. Prior to Tuition.io Scott held several senior leadership roles. See more on LinkedIn.

Scott Simmons


Scott Simmons has over 25 years of leadership experience in startups and high growth companies. Scott has served as the CFO & COO of Tuition.io since August 2017. Prior to that he served as CFO & COO of ShopRunner and in multiple roles at NexTag including President & COO. See more on LinkedIn.

Manas Chaliha

VP, Engineering

Manas Chaliha has spent over 25 years working in & leading technology teams. He has served as VP, Engineering at Tuition.io since January of 2020. Before joining Tuition.io, he led the technology team at Aviso.ai & he also served as GM for global business at Snapfish. See more on LinkedIn